Greencraft Cannabis is your true craft grower. Premium grade small batch cannabis.

Greencraft Cannabis

Greencraft Cannabis is putting down its roots. It has begun construction of its Health Canada approved micro-production site for small-batch craft growing of high-quality cannabis in the Rural Municipality of Dauphin, Manitoba. This innovative facility will produce dried cannabis flowers of the highest quality for sale in the recreational and medical markets in Canada.

“A culmination of respect for the past and a promising future, Greencraft Cannabis represents an appreciation for the old ways of doing things and a reverence for the beauty in the innovative new growing processes.”

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Our Roots are Planted.

It’s been a busy few months at Greencraft Cannabis! Time for a construction update.

Construction is underway and the progress is happening quickly on our custom-designed site and facility for the production of the finest cannabis flowers, located in the RM of Dauphin. Our in-ground services, site development and foundation work have been completed just in time to beat the early Manitoba freeze up, and the building construction is moving along nicely.

At Greencraft Cannabis, we take pride in high quality every step of the process. Unlike other growers trying to renovate an old, dirty warehouse, or crowd plants into sea cans or shipping containers and calling them “grow pods” our custom production facility is designed for one thing only; growing top-quality craft cannabis.

(By the way, we use shipping containers to store dirty tools on our construction site, not to grow plants!)

Check back frequently. We are pushing hard to have our prime cannabis buds in your hands in early 2023!

Coming Soon...

Here it is.. your first sneak peek of Greencraft Cannabis. Our custom designed, purpose-built building is unique - there is nothing else like it in Canada! Designed and engineered for one thing only, growing the highest quality craft cannabis! We are so excited to have it in our own hometown, Dauphin! We look forward to serving you soon, and look forward to sharing even more updates on our facility as they come! 

Reefer MEDness E81 - Greencraft Cannabis with Mr. Greening

About this episode

Check out this podcast interview for an update on Greencraft Cannabis. A huge thanks to our friends at Reefer MEDness The Podcast for taking the time to have us on again. These guys know the cannabis industry inside and out! Tune into their other informative episodes on all things cannabis. 

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Reefer MEDness E55 - Greencraft Cannabis with Mr. Greening

About this episode

How do we define “Craft Cannabis” in Canada? Greencraft Cannabis, a local Manitoba grow operation, is out to answer this question. Eric Greening discusses the process of obtaining his Health Canada micro cultivation licence and how his new company will grow smaller batches putting the plant first. Not only has Health Canada created opportunity for smaller craft growers to finally legally enter the cannabis space, these new licences have also fashioned economic development opportunities for rural communities. Kirk and Trevor question whether the path craft cannabis businesses follow will be similar to the craft beer industry? They ponder how large growers will compete with this new craft market place. This episode marks the start of a planned series exploring the question above.

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