Our Story

As the cannabis community has grown in Canada, the appreciation for the nature of cannabis growth has slowly been diminished. The art of getting one’s hands dirty in the soil and taking the time to watch the plants grow to their fullest potential has been lost. (Ok, so we don’t exactly get our hands “dirty” here, but the same applies while working with soilless growth media too of course…)

Greencraft is returning to these roots of the cannabis culture.

Greencraft was born from a love for precision growing and the passion to bring craft goodness to others. We pride ourselves in taking great care throughout the entire growing process to provide a product our customers will love and remember. The wonder and magic of Mother Nature are brought indoors where we provide our plants with all the beneficial elements she has to offer and none of the bad. Every day is a perfect summer day inside the Greencraft Cannabis production facility.

We believe the small-batch craft producer is the perfect model for cannabis production in this new environment. Personalized care of each plant grown in our facility, and the attention to detail in every step of the growing process is the advantage we have over the unmanageable and oversized industrial corporate cannabis producers.

Our story is just beginning. Our passion has always been here.


“Cannabis is a special plant; it should be produced with passion and care. Like a fine wine, spirits, or small-batch cigars or cheese, cannabis has a tremendous variation depending on the quality and rarity”

Eric Greening – Founder of Greencraft Cannabis

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