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Our Process

Pristine → Precision → Perfection


Our cannabis plants are grown in the most pristine setting possible by design.
Greencraft is proud to operate in the most sophisticated and technologically advanced micro-production facility in Canada.
Our custom-designed and purpose-built 7000-square-foot facility boasts the best control systems available today to ensure the quality of our cannabis plants is unmatched. From the ultra-efficient building envelope construction, heat recovery system, interior laboratory grade finishes, and biosecurity controls, we are set to provide you with the precision-grown cannabis you deserve from the legal market.
7000 sq’
Facility work area available for the proper care of our cannabis plants from start to finish.
2000 sq’
Micro production canopy grow area. Greencraft is your true craft grower.


Precision-grown cannabis is a concept that has been incorporated into the Greencraft brand since the conception of the business.

Our grow room monitoring and recording systems allow us to see exactly what is happening to our plants 24-7 and fine-tune the conditions that allow our plants to thrive.

With a twelve-part nutrient mix system in place, we feed the plants precisely what they require during every phase of their life cycle. Our CO2 enriched sealed grow rooms allow for precision growing operations not available to most producers in Canada, allowing Greencraft to perfect their world-class strains to their full potentia


    Not every cannabis strain is the same, and not every strain wants the same care regimen.

    Thanks to the level of precision built into our facility systems, perfection of our top-quality dried flower is achievable. 

    With over 40 years of cannabis growing experience, our legacy master grower has the skills and experience required to maximize the potential and perfect the outcome of every small-batch of cannabis we grow. We also know that care after harvest is as crucial as the plant’s growth period. Slowly drying our cannabis flower on the stalk where the flowers stay attached to the plant while drying, a proper cure period under ideal conditions in our drying and curing room, and finally hand trimming of our flower, means only the highest quality of cannabis will leave our facility.