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Our Story

Greencraft is returning to the roots of the cannabis culture.
Greencraft was born from a love for precision growing and the passion to bring craft quality to others.

Greencraft was born from a love for precision growing and the passion to bring craft quality to others. With a culmination of respect for the past and a promising future, we represent an appreciation for the old ways and a reverence for the beauty in the innovative new growing processes.

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We believe the small-batch craft producer is the perfect model for cannabis production in this new environment. We pride ourselves in the personalized care of each plant grown in our facility, and the attention to detail in every step of the growing process is the advantage we have over the unmanageable and oversized industrial corporate cannabis producers.

No shortcuts have been taken in the construction of our brand new 7000 sq foot facility located in the beautiful Rural Municipality of Dauphin, Manitoba. We are proud to call Dauphin our home and thank the community for their support along this journey. With the design and build phase of our world-class facility being completed in just over two years, every custom detail has been designed for one thing only, the production of the highest-grade cannabis flower available.

Our Team
“Our story is just beginning. Our passion has always been here.”

When it comes to growing high-quality cannabis, experience is the most important tool a cannabis producer can use. Having a very small group of dedicated and experienced professionals gives us the advantage of having an intimate setting with our plants and being able to visit and inspect every single plant in our facility daily.

Meet the Grow Team below

Eric Greening - Quality Assurance, Responsible Person in Charge

Eric Greening is the founder of Greencraft Cannabis. He understands the importance of cannabis culture being integrated into the new legal market, and has many years of experience working with the beautiful plant.
He has chosen to focus his undivided attention on a problem that has been identified within the young immerging cannabis market. Consumers of recreational cannabis have identified that the industry is undersupplied in high-quality cannabis available for purchase in Canada. Due to the industrial production models of the corporate producers, the love for the cannabis plant had been lost, and with that, the quality has suffered. To solve this problem, Eric’s pursuit of Greencraft Cannabis began.

Danny Whyte - Legacy Master Grower, Alternate Responsible Person in Charge

If you are looking for the definition of a Legacy Master Grower, look no further than our man on site, Danny Whyte. With over 40 years of experience in cannabis cultivation, and more importantly the cannabis culture, Danny has the skills and knowledge that can only be gained by the passion of growing this special plant for so many years.
Danny brings with him not only his experience in cultivation but also his time-tested legacy genetics. These cannabis strains, which have been perfected over many years of careful and precise selection processes, have been deemed fit to enter the Greencraft lineup and he looks forward to sharing them with you.

Danita Whyte - Alternate Master Grower

To say Greencraft was lucky to find such passionate botanists specialized in cannabis would be an understatement. Also, with over 40 years of experience, Danita is our Alternate Master Grower on site. As a team, Danny and Danita cannot be beaten. Danita’s skills shine not only in the cannabis grow rooms, but also in the very important area of after harvest care. Experience in executing a proper dry and cure period for cannabis plants cannot be overlooked and we know our consumers will appreciate the extra care that Danita puts into the process.